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Properties from €280k

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Commercial Freehold

Spa Resort





Hotel Suites

Size :

43m2 - 52m2

Location :



Located one hour from Faro International Airport and 30 minutes to the popular towns of Portimao and Albufeira. Popular with nature lovers you can find many walking areas, several green areas and streams. With a PH of 9.5, this is the most alkaline water in Portugal and one of the most alkaline in the world.

The Resort

In the resort there are four different hotels with suites and apartments. Amenities include a Thermal Spa, outdoor swimming pools, restaurant, 3 bars and some stores. Along its 37 hectares, you can walk different pedestrian paths, enjoy several green areas and streams.

The 19th-century buildings have been carefully renovated and offer an unforgettable experience. The renovations are done in such a way that the Portuguese charm and uniqueness of the building is conserved, combining this with modern comfort, expected in a resort of this size.


Bars & Restaurants
Thermal Spa
Hiking Trails
Ph 9.5 Water
Kids Club
Gym and Fitness Circuit




The purchase of a suite in this hotel is an excellent investment and business opportunity: € 280,000, a very attractive value for those seeking Golden Visa for the lowest investment amount (€ 280,000, which is part of the Golden Visa Program that includes properties over 30 years old or rehabilitation that are located in an area of low population density).

In addition to accessing the Golden Visa for this amount, the hotel suite owner has a guaranteed increasing return on the value of their property, starting at 3% and ending at 5%, for 5 years.

As an owner of a unit of the hotel, you can enjoy 15 days per year of your suite, having also the possibility to enjoy the stay in any other hotel within the group, through a voucher worth €1500.

1st year >> €8,400
2nd year >> €11,200
3rd year >> €11,200
4th year >> €11,200
5th year >> €14,000

Exit Strategy

Freehold sell after 5 years

Phase 2 Started
Owners usage:
15 Nights per year
Acquisition type: