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Frequently Asked questions

Yes. After five years of maintaining your investment in Portugal, you can apply for a permanent residency permit or citizenship.

  • Fees payable to Immigration Authorities
  • Resident Permit Application €539
  • Golden Visa Cards €5391 per adult
  • Renewal Legal Fees €1500 per adult for a total of €3000 (2 renewals)
  • Renewal Application Fee €539 per adult
  • Golden Visa Card Renewals €2696 per adult for a total of €5392 (2 renewals)
  • Citizenship Fee €2000 for two adults, €500 for additional family members

On the 3rd November, 2022, the Prime Minister of Portugal, announced that several visa schemes within the country are being re-evaluated. At the same time he highlighted the continued success of the schemes in attracting investors to Portugal.

If changes are made to the scheme, the change of legislation required, typically takes some time to come into effect. The last change took 18 months and people already in the scheme were not affected, as the application is protected under law. The Golden Visa scheme continues to operate as usual.

Yes, with the Golden Visa you can secure dual citizenship.

The application itself is submitted online, but you need to travel to Portugal for biometrics after your application is accepted.

The Portugal Golden Visa processing times usually takes between three and six months.

Yes. You can bring your spouse, as well as your kids (if they are younger than 18 at the time of application or enrolled in studies and being supported by you). If you can show you can support your parents or your parents-in-law you can bring them too.

A Portuguese passport allows you to travel to over 100 countries without the need for a visa. The Portugal passport is ranked 4th most powerful passport in the world. You can also travel to all Schengen countries.

Portugal is the easiest country in Europe to obtain citizenship. It also has the lowest investment thresholds.

Yes, the investor is free to sell the property/investment if he no longer wishes to continue with the Golden Visa programme. However, to qualify fully, the investor must hold the investment during Portugal Golden Visa’s validity period – 5 years.

Yes, after you have successfully held your investment for five years, you may sell or divest once you get your Golden Visa permit or Portuguese passport.

There is no obligation for the investor to live in the property that he has bought for the Portugal Golden Visa permit. It can be rented out.

  • The Golden Visa program saves its applicants from tax responsibility if they spend more
    than 183 days (of the same year) in Portugal. Spending a minimum number of days qualifies
    for becoming tax residents in Portugal.
  • There is no income tax charge for the first ten years
  • Almost all revenues acquired outside of the country are non-taxable
  • 20% flat tax for some Portuguese-sourced income during the first ten years
  • For non-residents; tax is charged at 28% on the income procured in the country, and this tax rate can be brought down with rental income expenses
  • Capital gains tax at 28%, and there are cost and depreciation allowances
  • Abolishment of wealth tax
  • No tax charge on inheritance
  • There is a range of exemptions levied on IMI for approval and issuance of your residence card.

The Portugal Golden Visa processing times usually takes anywhere from three to six months.

The World Health Report for 2019 by the World Health Organisation awarded the Portuguese healthcare system number 12 in its ranking. Healthcare services in Portugal are organised by the tax-funded public health service, known as the Servico Nacional de Saude (SNS). Under the SNS, most essential medical services are free, while non-essential services and treatments are available for a small payment. Qualification to use this system will depend on residency status and nationality. If you decide to live in Portugal under the Golden Visa Residency Program you are entitled to use the healthcare system for free once registered.

If you wish to avail of private healthcare the average monthly cost is $50.

Once you register as a resident you can avail of the public healthcare system. If you wish to avail of health care as a non-resident with a Golden Visa you will be required to get cover if you are travelling for short-stays. The average cost is $50 per month.

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